Perlage is now a RafCycle partner

It was our main concern for a long time: how could we recover and recycle the high quantity of spent siliconised release liner of our bottles labels?


Every year we produce about 1 ton of siliconised release liner which is sent to the landfill, being a non-recyclable waste. This quantity obviously increases with the wine bottles production!

Basing on these concepts, we tried to look for a possible recycling treatment of this material and finally we discover RafCycle!

RafCycle is an innovative recycle program of the spent labelstocks used for wine bottles. It was developed by UPM Raflatac, a finnish company, that  put sustainability as a driving force of its business.

The spent release liner is recovered by the italian company LCI Srl which delivers it to the Paper mill in Plattling (Germany). Here the incoming material is desiliconised in order to produce new pulp and new UPM paper.

“TURN YOUR LABELSTOCK WASTE INTO A RESOURCE”: this is the main RafCycle concept, the upgrade of the spent siliconised labelstocks getting a reusable resource.

This concept stricly meets the environmental sustainability and legislation about waste management. So we immediately joined the RafCycle program!

A lower amount of waste to landfill and lower CO2 emissions. Thanks to RafCycle program, it will be possible to reduce our emissions up to 40% [Source: UPM].

It has to be said: another breakthrough towards environment!

To learn more about RafCycle program click HERE