Wine makes you beautiful!

It’s true! Wine can give benefits also on your skin. These new treatments are growing in beauty farms, they are called “wine therapy” and they make lot of interests on customers.



Wine therapy began in Bordeaux zones in France, they discovered wine and grapes have extraordinary antioxidant proprieties and can have beneficial effects on your skin and skin ageing. In particular in red grapes because time of fermentation is longer than other grapes.

Important are also polyphenols, which serves as antioxidants that eliminate free radicals. Grapes, wine, must and grape seeds have inspired creams and treatments that have revitalizing, antioxidant, nutrient and tonic effects on the skin.

This is a method to obtain natural cosmetics without chemical substances that damage our skin.


Realize your home made treatment following our advice.

You can make a face mask with these easy ingredients:1small container of natural yoghurt, 2 spoons of honey and 4-5 spoons of red organic wine

 Otherwise you can make a scrub with brown sugar, lemon and red organic wine.